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February 2013.  My daughter has attended both the Early Summer Adventures and Late Summer Adventures programs at Foote School for the past two years, and has loved every moment. In a typical camp day, she spends the morning working with counselors on an art project, moves to creating a village and fortress out of cardboard (then drafting the bylaws of their new society), has lunch, plays a game of four square, and then participates in the creation of a play, including writing the script, learning a part, managing props, and preparing for the end-of-camp performance. Of course, there are frequent guest counselors and visitors that add variety to an already rich curriculum; last year there were guitar singalongs, writing workshops, and theme days. Add that to the beautiful campus at Foote, including a brand-new science and technology center (and the upcoming groundbreaking on a new playground facility), just about the best and most flexible hours of any summer camp program we’ve found, and a continual emphasis on camper safety and well-being, and you’ve got a winning option in the crowded field of summer options for younger kids, particularly during those late summer weeks where most other camps have already closed up shop but schools aren’t quite in session.  Jake, parent

February 2013.  Our children—ages 8 and 6—attend the Foote Summer Program every year.  They look forward to reconnecting with friends, teachers, and the place they love so much, after their time away. It is also a unique opportunity for them to make new friends, whom they may not meet otherwise. Buffy M. parent

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