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Submit a schoolHaven school/camp/childcare review

Our reviews are independent and voluntary, and we ask that school/camp administrators not solicit parents on our behalf.  While we evaluate reviews before posting them and reserve the right to edit them, we claim no responsibility for the accuracy of all of the content.  School administrators are invited to submit a brief list of “5 things that make my school great” to highlight programs and opportunities – 100 words or less.

Each month, we draw from the month’s schoolHaven reviews for the Purple Crayon Award.  The winner receives a $50 gift card to Elm City Market.

An excellent schoolHaven review draws a vivid picture, giving a strong sense of what it feels like to be a parent/student/teacher at your school/childcare center/summer camp.  Consider also academics, parent community, extracurriculars, facilities.

Your review can be in any format, but here is a template which may help.  Please don’t use teacher and administrator’s names in your review. School pages become live once we receive a parent review.

  • Why you chose the school:
  • Any special information about getting in:
  • My child’s experience at the school is:
  • Pros:
  • Cons:
  • How should we list your name? First name, last initial/ Initials only?

Submit your review as a comment below or email it to Thanks!

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** A word on negative reviews (adapted from the Berkeley Parents Network)

kidHaven’s main goal is to be useful to parents. We think it is useful for parents to read about others’ bad experiences as well as the good, so they can make better decisions. However, negative reviews must be an accurate account of first-hand experience and must be written as objectively as possible so that the parents who read them can draw their own conclusions rather than taking someone else’s word for it. Negative reviews that only give an opinion without the facts are not useful, and neither are rants, venting, and emotional responses.

We want to be fair to schools and child care centers in our community. We don’t want kidHaven to be a vehicle for spreading rumors and gossip, or as a way for disgruntled former employees or former student to settle a score, or as a means to single out a teacher or staff member. Volunteers make every effort to make sure that reviews with negative details meet this policy.  Our policy on negative reviews is meant to balance usefulness with fairness.  Thanks for your help!

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