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Surreybrook School

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234 Amity Road
Bethany, CT 06525
6 weeks – 8 years

March 2014.  We love the Surreybrook School. We moved our daughter to the Surreybrook School from a public magnet school this past fall, and we could not be happier about our decision to do so. The owner, director, and the staff are committed to providing the best experience for each child – children really are treated as individuals. The school provides a warm nurturing environment for children, from infants to first graders.

Our daughter is enrolled in the multi-age classroom, which includes both kindergarteners and 1st  1st graders – some of the children were not yet 5 at the start of the year, while some will turn 7 by the end. The school’s approach to learning is exactly what we wanted. The focus is on making learning fun, and while the curriculum is aligned with state standards, there are opportunities for play, creativity, and exploration. Following the Scandinavian model, the kids spend a lot of time outside – this is not a place where there is one brief daily recess.

Here are some of the terrific characteristics of the multi-age program: an 8-1 student to teacher ratio, a curriculum tailored to each child’s strengths and needs, an “outdoor classroom” (many acres of woods where the children investigate nature, collect objects, and learn in an outdoor setting), daily Spanish instruction, enrichment activities (music, dance, art, science, yoga), and after hours care. The teachers and the staff are outstanding – we receive regular feedback and

most importantly, we know that our daughter feels happy and loved. We will definitely keep her there for first grade. In addition, the school plans to expand its elementary program. Currently, the school also provides support to homeschooling families in the area. Surreybrook offers a valuable alternative to conventional kindergarten. Its play-based approach, opportunities for exercise, and the ability to move through the curriculum at the child’s own pace made this the right program for us. It is also worth adding that the cost is reasonable, particularly when compared with other area private schools.

A.L., parent

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