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Spring Glen Church Nursery School

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Spring Glen Church, United Church of Christ
1825 Whitney Avenue – Hamden, CT 06517

December 2012.  My older son has been at the Spring Glen Church Nursery School since September of this year (2012), and we could not be happier.

We chose the school largely because, when we visited last spring, it seemed much calmer than the other preschools we saw! The children were happy, busy, and were given the attention or independence they needed when they needed it. This is partly due to the excellent and experienced teachers, and partly due to the school’s small size. No matter how great the school, 20-30 kids = chaos, and the Spring Glen Church Nursery School has an upper limit of 14 children. There are currently 11 children in my son’s class. It’s a lovely size for a child just starting school. When my son arrives, he is full of things he wants to tell his teachers about, and because there aren’t 25 other kids arriving at the same time, he can have the conversations he wants to have with them.

The school has two small but lovely rooms, one playroom with toys, and one “art” room. There is a nice little playground out back.  The teachers are fantastic and have been at the school for many years. The school doesn’t talk a grand philosophy or have a fancy website, but it provides everything the more “hyped” (and expensive) preschools do. It is run with kindness and common sense. There is a nice routine to the days, with free play, art projects, songs, stories, fun group activities, and outdoor play.

When my son, who had never been at school before, became suddenly clingy and unhappy at drop-off in October, his teachers were compassionate and loving in a very unfussy way; he got over it quickly and is once again very excited about school days.  I just asked him what the best thing about school is and he told me, with a great big grin: “The art projects!” They do a craft with them every day and he is always bursting with pride to show me what he’s made.  He adores the school and his teachers, and we are delighted that school is such a happy experience for him. I would recommend this school to anybody.  Catherine E., parent

July 2011.  We chose the Spring Glen Church Nursery School for a variety of reasons. All the preschoolers on our block attend, which creates a layered bond for an already tight knit group.  Its location, within walking distance from our home, has also opened up our son to form friendships with other children who live nearby.  We also love walking him to and from the school grounds which has become a special time of day to connect with our neighborhood by making stops at the bakery or hardware store along the way.  The school itself is made up of just two perfect size rooms with a sweet little playground out back.  The teachers are fantastic and have been there 20 and 15 years respectively. They focus primarily on teaching children coping skills and provide a predictable structure.  Most of all our son LOVES it.

Kris M., parent

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