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New Haven Preschools

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Here is a list of public and private preschools in New Haven.   Live links indicate schools that have been reviewed.  For instructions on how to submit a review, click here.  For a complete listing, go to Yale’s Child Care directory.  Check out schoolHaven’s Parent’s Guide to Preschools in New Haven


New Haven public schools free pre-K (age 3-4)

Classes are based at local New Haven public elementary schools, run by trained and certified teachers from 7:30am to 5:30pm.  Both neighborhood and magnet schools offer Pre-K programs, although Magnets are free (neighborhood Pre-Ks have a sliding scale) and give preferential enrollment to Kindergarten.  No wonder everyone wants a magnet school!  View the magnet application here.

Private/Independent Preschools

Some private preschools are School Readiness sites which means that they have some spots reserved by the city for low income families and they allow pre-registration for New Haven neighborhood schools (essential if you want one of the few Hooker school kindergarten spots.)  Here is the NH School Readiness sites 2012-13 list.

Is your preschool not on this list?  Click here to submit a review.

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