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The Montessori School of Madison

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213 Green Hill Road  Madison, CT 06443
(203) 245-1635
Ages 3-5

May 2013.  Madison Montessori was the ideal match for our son. From the moment you enter the school, you understand that this is a special place. There is a quiet strength that prevails, where children are allowed to grow and flourish, while understanding that as a part of a community, there are rules. The small class size, coupled with experienced and innovative educators, made our experience exceptional; and gave our son a firm foundation which has continued to serve him well. Madison Montessori is a gem, and I am grateful we were able to experience such excellence.  Laura M.C., parent

June 2012.  The Montessori School of Madison has beautiful program. The staff are so experienced and very nurturing. Both my daughters truly enjoyed their classroom experience. The space is open and bright. The activities provided for the children are thoughtful and unique (like the one-way glass bird feeder so children can view the birds in the reading area). The staff was also diligent and proactive about managing both my daughters’ serious food allergies, which was critically important to us. We can not say enough good things about our experience at Madison Montessori.

Emily O., parent

May 2012.  From the moment my daughter began attending Montessori of Madison, I have watched her bloom from a shy little girl who never wanted to leave her mother’s side into a little girl who is confident and excited about going to school each and every day.  The atmosphere here is so nurturing, warm, and caring, and I feel so comfortable leaving her in the care of this school.

If you are considering sending your child here, I encourage you to observe the classroom.  Be prepared to sit back and watch.  One of the first things you may notice is that the children are all calm.   Many of them are conducting activities independently, while others are conducting lessons with the teachers, and other children are interacting with one another, comparing their artwork, reading books in the library, or working together on their mats.  Watch for a little longer, and you will see that these children are content, peaceful, and happy.

Also, take note of how each area and activity is set up specifically to appeal to each child’s sense of independence.  Some people have the impression that in a Montessori school the children are free to do whatever they want — to a fault.  I quickly learned that what really happens in this school is that each child’s independence is valued and fostered, but in a “prepared” environment which really empowers the children and makes them feel more confident in themselves.

One of my daughter’s favorite things about this school is that there is always something new to learn.  She never gets bored.  She also loves the weekly visit from the creative movements teacher.  More than anything, I think my daughter has been impressed by the teachers’ love of nature and how they incorporate this into the classroom, from arranging visits by a bird rescue group to “growing” butterflies right in the classroom.

One thing that I initially thought was a con was that the children do not get the opportunity to play outside each day.  I quickly realized, however, that in the short time that the children are here (2 1/2 hours), they are so busy and have so much to do.  And rest assured, when the weather is nice, the children almost always have their outside time.

Lori S., parent

March 2012.  When my family moved to Madison, I visited five pre-schools for my oldest son (then 4) and fell in love, immediately, with the Montessori School.  The atmosphere is so benign–peaceful and calm–that Jack felt at home from the beginning. I have nothing but positive things to say about the teachers. They are kind and compassionate and nonjudgmental. They know all three of my children almost as well as I do and accept them for all of their quirks. My only wish is that the school lasted beyond kindergarten!  Natasha F., parent

March 2012.  I chose the school because I sought Montessori education with warm, supportive teachers in a cozy, homey atmosphere. I also liked the full day kindergarten program.

My two sons have had wonderful experiences with this school. They have made tremendous strides academically and socially, and love going to school. My older son will be entering First Grade this Fall, and the teachers have prepared him with reading and writing skills that will assist him going forward.

Pros: The teaching approach is very individualized and child focused. The teachers are very experienced and supportive. There is a lot of interaction with the parents.

I really have not experienced any Cons, except that the school only goes to Kindergarten and I wish it went for more years.   Karen A., parent

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