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Boulder Knoll Montessori School

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660 Boulder Rd
Cheshire, CT 06410
(203) 272-5893

October 2013.  My son started at BKM when he was 3.5 years old.  When I started looking for preschools, I really wanted him to attend a Montessori program.  He was a very shy, but intelligent three year old.  I hoped that a Montessori program would help him come out of his shell while allowing him to continue to learn at his own pace.  We chose BKM after visiting the classroom.  After seeing how the teachers interacted with the students, and how the students interacted with the space and each other, we knew it was a perfect fit.  The school has 20 students from 3-6 years old with three full-time teachers and 1 part-time teacher.  For all three years, the kids are there for a full day of school 9-3.
The school is a one room classroom that is divided in the afternoon to separate the napping preschoolers from the Kindergarten lesson.  The building is set on gorgeous grounds.  In addition to a great outdoor playground which is used year-round, the school has an outdoor classroom, and a chicken coop.  The kids help collect the eggs, and in the winter, they help tap a maple tree.  Every spring, families are invited to come in for a waffle breakfast.  The kids help make the waffles the day before.  Then the waffles are served with the maple syrup made from the sap that is collected on the grounds.  In addition to the individual Montessori work time, the students come together as a group to learn yoga, music and science on nature walks.

This is the third year that my son has attended BKM.  He has grown so much socially and academically.  My shy little boy that used to take forever to warm up to a room full of people is now outgoing and confident.   He has learned to be a good friend and a helper in the classroom.  His love of learning has been reinforced and he will take that with him to his new school for first grade next year.  As parents, we could not be happier with his experiences over the past 3 years.  We love the school so much, that we kept him there for Kindergarten even though our town has a full-day Kindergarten program.  I’m sure he will never experience such a low teacher to student ratio again in his school career.


Every month the Kindergarten parents plan an after-school activity for the kids.  Some of the activities from the past year include apple picking in the fall, visiting the police station, visiting the fire department, and going for a hike at Sleeping Giant.


To inquire about enrollment, call or email the school in the fall.  The headmistress will set-up an appointment for you to come in and observe the classroom.  Then there is a short application to fill out.  There is a waiting list, so you can apply more than a year before your child is old enough to start school. Stephanie S.

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