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Common Ground School, New Haven

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 358 Springside Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515
(203) 389-4333


July 2011.      I chose to send my son to Common Ground High School because I was very impressed by the staff and the curriculum. I was not only intrigued by my first impressions of the school and staff, but I was also very impressed during my son’s attendance. It is a wonderful community school, it offers tremendous opportunities for the kids and the children are continuously encouraged to get to know each other. I really love how the kids treat as family and the staff has an awesome rapport with the kids.
 The staff has always been welcoming and warm to me and my son. Furthermore, my son has built lifetime relationships as well as a greater understanding of the world we live in. He is currently a junior and I have to say, I am a bit sad that his days there are going to end shortly. However, I look forward to having my daughter attend and I have referred many local parents to the school because I am so happy with it.
 I really feel that the community benefits from Common Ground High School in many ways. I would like the school to receive more support and recognition for its continue positive progress. It is a great school and I wish that everyone could have at least one chance to enjoy it as much as myself and my son.
  Common Ground High School, staff and students are the diamond in the rough in New Haven. This school is an integral part of our society and there should be more schools like it.

Catherine J., parent

June 2011.  My daughter is in her third year at Common Ground High School in New Haven.  We picked Common Ground because she just didn’t want to be a number in a huge high school in the town we live in. My daughter has flourished at Common Ground. I am amazed how focused she is and how positive she is about her work, her school and herself.  She has told me on numerous occasions how she absolutely loves Common Ground. So I asked her: “What do you love about Common Ground?” She says, “Mom, I love the vibe I get from my classmates and my teachers bring so much passion and energy that my classes fly by.’’ Common Ground just clicks for my daughter.

Common Ground gives her a tremendous educational environment where she has many choices and is thriving as a student. Common Ground students are taught the importance of being involved in their local community and being active in caring for the environment. Students at Common Ground understand that as young adults their responsibility is extended back to the community. Common Ground is the epitome of an American education.

Pros: Strong curriculum, strong academic support, off-site opportunities such as college courses, mentorships, job shadows

Cons: None

Byrute J., parent

June 2011.  When my son decided to attend high school after homeschooling for 6 years, we knew we wanted a small school, but also one that offered everything he would need to prepare him for college. Common Ground is that school. They offer all kinds of interesting and challenging classes and lots of fun  after school activities. But the best thing about Common Ground is the incredible support students get from all the teachers and their peers, that is only possible at a small school. My son just finished his sophomore year at Common Ground and he can’t wait for school to start in the fall. I think that says it all.

Adrienne M., parent

June 2011.  Common Ground has provided my son with amazing teachers who don’t accept complacency from any of their students. Common Ground is small and personal.  Every student is known, supported and challenged to excel. It’s an ecology minded school but you don’t have to be or become an environmental activist. You will learn how to be an informed environmental citizen and consumer. Students try things they have never tried before like acting in a residency with Elm Shakespeare, winter hiking in New Hampshire,and attending meetings with New Haven’s Food Policy Advisory Council.  It truly is a small school that offers big opportunities…much like private schools do.

Anne O., parent


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