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New Haven Schools

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New Haven Area Private/Independent Schools 

Suburban Open Choice Schools

New Haven Public Schools Overview:  New Haven public schools are based on a choice model: neighborhood schools, magnet schools, interdistrict magnets, intradistrict magnets, and charter schools.

Our parents explain Why you should send your kids to New Haven public schools.  The New Haven Promise Scholarship also gives you money if you graduate from a New Haven High School.

As of 2013, the magnet lottery process applies to all neighborhood, magnet and charter schools in New Haven.  The deadline for 2014 was March 14th, but in general, you can apply online here.  For help, consult the New Haven Public schools website  and the New Haven magnet schools website.

Some nuts and bolts:

  • Only 29% of New Haven students attend schools in their neighborhoods, although this may change with redistricting under way.
  • Read about the sibling preference policy for neighborhood schools here.
  • Mark Oppenheimer’s parent account of the differences between schools is particularly helpful as is this explanation from Yale.
  • Until redistricting goes through, click here to find out which school serves your street address.


  • January – Magnet School Fairs and Open Houses; applications made available
  • Mid-March – Application Deadline
  • Early April – Magnet Lottery, Parents accept or decline Magnet School

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

New Haven Public Transitional Schools:

  • Dixwell New Light High School (9-12)
  • New Horizons School
  • Polly T. McCabe Center
  • Riverside Academy (9-12)
  • DOMUS Academy (6-8)

Review your school!  Click here.

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