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Woodbridge Child Center

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Woodbridge Child Center, Inc.
4 Meetinghouse Lane
Woodbridge, CT 06525
Phone: (203) 389-9118
ages 6 weeks-5 years

April 2013.  Great childcare center, by far the best one we have experienced!! Excellent, warm and knowledgeable teachers (our son in pre-school program). The teachers are creative and help our son learn through play. Great curriculum, a beautiful facility that is secure and very clean. Walking distance from library and police department! There is a big gymnasium that the kids can play in during inclement weather which is a big plus. We’ve been here for more than a year already and couldn’t be happier. we look forward putting our second kid in WCC! Highly recommended. Mary, parent

April 2013.  I have one “graduate” and one current child at WCC. We’ve known the program now for about three years, and would highly recommend the program to any parent seeking quality childcare and early childhood education. The NAEYC accreditation and location are what initially drew me to WCC, but it’s the devotion of the teachers and the warmth of the whole WCC community that makes this place unique. The teacher turnover rate is exceedingly low, which speaks to the quality and dedication of the teachers. Access to the town library and the indoor gym are great features of the program as well.  Erin H., parent

April 2013.  My wife and I could not be happier with WCC. We know our child is well cared for. The staff is warm and patient. We highly recommend the WCC to anyone looking for a wonderful daycare. John H., parent

April 2013.  We have had our children enrolled in the WCC since they were 18 months and they are now getting ready to attend Kindergarten in the fall.  During this time, we have had a wonderful experience with the teachers, staff and other children and parents who make up the WCC family.  The WCC definitely feels like a community, more than a daycare or pre-school.  Since the WCC is located in a Town of Woodbridge building and acts as the town shelter, there have been many incidents when most of the town has lost power due to storms; however, the WCC remained open. Many times even when the school district was closed the WCC would stay open.  As a working parent this is extremely valuable. The WCC’s hours are also very accommodating.  The facility opens at 7:30 AM and closed at 6:00 PM.  We highly recommend a child of any age for the WCC.  Andi, parent

April 2013.  We have both our 3 year old son and 16 month old daughter enrolled at WCC and it has been a wonderful experience.  What we like most about the school is that many staff members have been employed with the facility for a very long time and there seems to be a slow turnover.  In addition, each teacher that we encounter is enthusiastic about being there and being an influence in our children’s lives.  We highly recommend this facility.  Christine L., parent

April 2013. We toured all of the daycare facilities around our home, and listened to feedback from our friends with children at different facilities.  WCC is, by far, the best.  Our son has been at WCC since he was 3 months old.  The teachers are wonderful and attentive and patient (with the kids and the parents!). The kids learn so much at every age.  We are particularly pleased with WCC’s focus on teaching kids about cultures and backrounds. Our son lights up every time we walk through the door to drop him off at school!  We could not be happier with our choice! Mel R., parent

April 2013.  My son who is now almost 2 1/2 years old has attended WCC for a year, and we have been thrilled with the care he has received.  It is amazing to see how much he has learned in only one year!  I am comforted by the knowledge that he is happy and well cared for at the center.  I greatly appreciate all the hard work that the staff does to provide individualized attention to all his toddler needs.   My husband and I could not be happier with the care! Jen K., parent

February 2013.  We have been a part of the WCC family for nearly 3 years now.  When searching for a daycare provider, we never truly believed that we could trust anyone to watch our son, while also providing a structured, nurturing and educational environment.  WCC proved us wrong and we didn’t have to think twice about enrolling our second child in the Fall of 2012.

As parents, we are particularly impressed with WCC’s NAEYC accreditation along with the head teachers and assistant teachers that work so hard to develop lesson plans/a curriculum and WCC’s constant efforts to ensure our children are comfortable, happy and developing properly.

When searching for a daycare center, WCC is a no brainer and is highly recommended in our book.  Melissa D., parent

October 2011.  5 things that make Woodbridge Child Center Great…

*NAEYC accredited Center: staff reflect on their teaching practices: relationships with the children, families and staff; curriculum for children; assessments of children’s progress and needs; classroom environment;partnering with parents on the education of their children;involvement with the families and community.

* bimonthly Kindermusic, JumpBunch, and private story time at the library.

*Preschoolers have yoga and lunch with the seniors.

*weekly Spanish for all, and sign language for babies.

*Beautiful setting, close to library, police and fire stations.

*Large indoor gymnasium and safe courtyard playground.

Carolee H., staff

March 2012.  We’ve had great success with the Woodbridge Child Center. The staff is caring and extremely competent. Our daughter loves going there, which to us is the best compliment we can pay. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend WCS to anyone.

Paul C., parent

March 2012.  Woodbridge Child Center has been amazing for both of our children. Our first started at 4 months old and stayed through the entire program until entering kindergarten. Academically he was beyond prepared for the kindergarten curriculum and transitioned in a heartbeat. Equally important were his social and emotional development which we are still impressed with. He learned how to be a good friend, student, partner, helper and independent thinker with creativity, compassion and empathy. The staff and families are wonderful and it truly feels like a small family community. WCC is unlike anywhere else. It’s not a business to make money simply in the business of excellent child care and preschool education. NAEYC accreditation to boot! We couldn’t have felt better when we enrolled our second child last year. WCC is the only place we would send our kids.

Katie S., parent

October 2011. When my children started attending WCC they were 7 months old. At the time we lived in Westville, and we looked at many different places in several nearby areas including New Haven, Woodbridge, Orange and Hamden. Ultimately, we chose the WCC because of the experienced staff, the idyllic location and the affordability. It is one of the most reasonably priced child care centers around, but we don’t feel like we’re short-changing our kids—they’re in the preschool now and love it there. Many of the teachers have been there over ten years, and some are bilingual. One of the only daycares in the area that is NAEYC accredited, the WCC is play-based and casual, which is comforting in this era of early educational pressures. It is housed in what used to be an old elementary school in the center of picturesque Woodbridge, and there is a big gymnasium that the kids can play in during inclement weather. It is also adjacent to nature trails and the town library and the kids are able to enjoy both during frequent outings. The WCC baby room was also one of the only places in the New Haven area that would accommodate our children’s cloth diapers; more importantly, the staff never made us feel bad about our parenting choices, however different from what the other parents were doing. Full disclosure: I am a member of the WCC Board.

Paige J., parent

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