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Sunshine Preschool, Hamden

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20 Augur Street
Hamden, CT

April 2015.  Our daughter began attending Sunshine Preschool part-time when she turned one. She has had a wonderful experience. Though Sunshine does not have all the bells and whistles of some of the more well-known centers in the area, the teachers are loving, engaged, and well-equipped to care for the children and teach them pre-academic and social skills. The director is a very warm, and very professional woman. My daughter loves to go to school.

A fair number of the children who attend Sunshine live in the neighborhood around it, which has enabled us to get to know others in our community. There is also overlap with the Yale community, of which we are a part.

We chose Sunshine because it is located nearby, the price is very affordable, and there is flexibility with schedule and drop-ins. We have stayed because it has become a special place of learning and support for our now 2.5 year old.

Leslie, parent

April 2015. Our son started with them when he was 10 weeks old. He is our first child, and it was very hard for us to leave him for care by others. The Sunshine Preschool made the process so much easier. They were very flexible with schedule. All the teachers treated the kids like their family. Leslie, the director, was always there and knew what was going on with each child. All the teachers, even the ones teaching older kids, knew how our son did that day. Everyone listens to your concern very carefully, and I never had frustrations with communication. Our son is growing to be a very happy child, and we think that getting such loving care at his daycare helped a lot. Now we moved to another state and go to a different daycare, we learned how lucky we were. We miss them so much. If you want your child to be in the loving environment when you need to work, this is the place to go.


May 2014.  Sunshine Preschool is a wonderful place to send your children. As a former early childhood professional, I have seen and worked at quite a few centers and this one ranks up there with the best. The owner/director/head teacher is a very professional, caring, intelligent, qualified person and she truly cares about all of the children in her care and does her very best for them at all times. She is the only director I have met that not only gets in there and gets her hands dirty (by teaching) every single day, but has enough energy left over to be positive and attentive with parents and staff.
The other staff are wonderful as well, and truly love their profession. Most of them are long-time employees.

Also, as mentioned in another review, they are extremely flexible with schedules. The director will work with you for whatever days and times you need, given that there’s space. I have never seen another daycare that was so flexible.

This is a very small, cozy day care run in an old house, though it is not a home day care. It gets plenty of sunshine through the windows and is kept very clean. The small class sizes give it a cozy family atmosphere and you get the feeling that all the kids are loved and cared for. I loved this day care and if I hadn’t moved away, both my children would be attending.  Amy S. parent

April 2013.  While I cannot, with any authority, disagree with the comments of those who have enjoyed Sunshine Nursery, I must offer my own experience as someone who was never actually able to access their childcare services.  We contacted Sunshine when I was 7 months pregnant (October) requesting childcare for our infant once he reached 8 weeks of age.  We were told that, based on their wait list, he would be eligible for a part-time spot beginning in late February.  When February rolled around, we contacted them to confirm enrollment start date and were told that a part-time family had increased to full-time and we would not have a spot until May.  This was obviously a problem for a working Mom who had made arrangements contingent on childcare.  Nonetheless, we adjusted and, come April, again contacted the nursery to confirm start date.  This time we were told that a family they “thought” was leaving was no longer and they were not sure when the next available opening would be but to “let us know if you need us in the future”.  Needless to say, we will not be contacting them again.  While I’m sure Sunshine sees this as matter of loyalty to their current clients, it is poor business practice for a daycare center.  Alison T., parent

February 2013.  I have had two kids at Sunshine—my five-year-old was there until she started at one of the NH Magnet schools for Pre-K and my 20-month old has been there since he was six or eight weeks old; and now that my older daughter is in our neighborhood school’s kindergarten she goes to Sunshine after school each day.

Sunshine is everything I like in a daycare (and my daughter had been at two or three others before we settled on Sunshine). It’s large enough that it is much more than a home-based daycare with separate spaces for the babies, toddlers and preschoolers, a curriculum for each—but small enough that it feels homey and has a family-like atmosphere.

This is the best-priced daycare I’ve been able to find in the area and is the ONLY daycare I know of anywhere that is as flexible with days/hours as it is. When my daughter was little she would go 4 days a week (NOBODY does that!) and when my son first started I had him going three six-hour days… The understanding and flexibility is amazing. Everyone who works there is completely devoted and friendly and they always have a smile on their face.

I honestly think the only con I can think of is that they do close for a week during the summer, and for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I could understand this at a much smaller home-based daycare, but I do feel that with a staff they shouldn’t have a summer week completely closed… but it’s a small price to pay.

I couldn’t recommend Sunshine enough!!  Jenn S., parent

September 2012. We recently moved to New Haven because of a job at Yale University. We searched long and hard for a high quality daycare for our one year old child – Sunshine Preschool in Hamden fit the bill. It is a wonderful small daycare center that has small groups for kids from 0-5. It is not as expensive and over the top as many NH daycare centers we visited but provided just the safe atmosphere we were looking for.

The owner is enthusiastic and professional, with three generations of her family at the daycare every day: family-run in the best sense. Our kid is extremely happy with the school. The pedagogical concept is something we really like too: it’s relaxed but with lots of stimulation and activities.

Anon., parent

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