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New England School of Montessori, Milford

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40 Quirk Road
Milford, CT 06460-3745
(203) 878-9822

April 2015. My daughter started in September in the toddler program at NESM. We love the program, teachers and administrators. The administrators are very easy to work with and extremely flexible. The toddler teachers are amazing. They are kind, loving and gentle. The toddler teacher’s communication is excellent. They send home daily progress notes along with an electronic daily activity sheet; letting parents know what the children are learning about and skills they are working on so that these skills can be practiced at home. My daughter has learned so much in less than two months, especially the practical life skills that has made the morning routines in my house that much easier. I would recommend this school to everyone! If you are looking for a school where your child will learn every day life skills on top of being an extremely well behaved child this is the place for them!

Stephanie, parent

April 2015. This is my daughter’s third year at NESM in primary class room.We have been most pleased with the welcoming school staff all the time. NESM provides very pleasant,caring and safe environment. This is more than just a school… My dauther is getting not only a wonderful education but we gained a family.

Sivarram, parent

April 2015  This is our first year at NESM with our 17 month old. We first fell in love with the Montessori philosophy after attending the Silent Journey. If your family wants to stroll down the road less traveled in education, NESM may be for you. Our daughter is happy in a space that honors her needs to explore. Our daughter is learning in a classroom where teachers make thoughtful decisions that support the needs of each child. Our family is growing with great resources from the school about parenting our child in a way that nourishes her individuality. We are glad to be at NESM.

Sabine, parent

May 2013.  We chose NESM because we were looking for a Montessori school near us.
We started our daughter at NESM when she was 2 1/2 in the toddler room. We have been so pleased with her progress at NESM. She really loves it there! She is blossoming and learning so much from being at the school.
She is now in one of the Primary classrooms and it has just been such an exciting year for her. New friends and new teachers. She often cries when I come to pick her up because she doesn’t want to leave school.
The school offers art, music, gymnastics, theater and French class for the children who are full day. We feel that the teachers and staff are excellent and so supportive and caring with the students.
There is also an elementary classroom with first through sixth grade.
I definitely recommend this school.  If you are interested in the school you can call the main office and schedule a tour.
-Amber C.

June 2011.  I chose this school because we took a tour of the facility and fell in love. The Montessori method seemed like a good way for our son to work on the skills he needed to grow and to fly with the skills that he excelled in. The building was inviting and comforting. Putting myself in my son’s shoes, I saw how he would fit right into the classroom and be surrounded by love and learning all day.

My son was about to turn 4 when we were looking for a new school. We were concerned about him fitting in to a program that starts at 3, but he was caught up by the first parent teacher conference in October. The admission process at the school is very simple and straightforward. I called up the school for a tour. It is recommended you do this during the school year so you can see the school in action. Before the tour began we spoke with the head of the school and she filled us in on Montessori history and the method. The tour helped us see this method in action. We sat in each of the primary (ages 3 – 5) rooms so we could compare them.  We were lucky the year we looked at the school since it had just moved into a bigger building and had plenty of openings. The school has since filled up so there may be a waiting list.

Our older son (now about to turn 6) has now been at the school for two years. He has blossomed far beyond anything I could have expected when we took the tour of the school two years ago. He has really been able to work on his challenges and grow in his strengths. He has a true love of science, math and nature. He is also not afraid to try something new and is very excited to move to the elementary room so he can learn everything he can. When he received his summer workbook he was very excited about the challenges it presented and could not wait to get started.

Our younger son joined the school last year at 16 months old. He has had quite a year in the toddler room. He quickly fell in love with all four teachers and started coming home with more and more words and knowledge under his belt. He was the youngest child in the whole school, but was not expected to do any less than the other children. This helped him grow just as much as anyone else around him and become a wonderful toddler who can do anything he sets his mind to.

Overall we have been very happy with everything and everyone at the school. Our two boys are becoming the boys we have always known they could grow to be. We are looking forward to many more years at the school.

Maya S., parent

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