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Hope Child Development Center

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1 Long Wharf Drive
New Haven, CT 06511
tel: (203) 865-4673

October 2013.  Why you chose the school: The joyful yet disciplined environment and its faith

Hope for New Haven has amazingly attentive and loving teachers.  They are as concerned with my son’s development and life as I am.  They even borrowed books from the library on being a big sibling to help my son prepare for his little sister’s arrival, and have worked with him to express his emotions in words rather than just saying ‘no’.  They have effective and creative weekly lesson plans on top of twice daily trips to the playground during good weather.  For example, they patiently have taught my 24-month-old to count to 10, and helped expose the kids to money by setting up a toy food Farmer’s Market complete with a cash register with fake money. I am also amazed by the safe environment they create. My son has been at the school for 1 year, and minus a rare small scratch, has never been injured at school.  He is a very energetic boy who gets his share of bumps and bruises at home.  I also very much appreciate the prayer and Bible reading time.  Hope for New Haven has parent teacher conferences about every 3-4 months, where they review in detail a child’s development and discuss how they and we can work together toward his continued growth.  After a mediocre experience in a prior day care, I love Hope for New Haven, and am excited to have my newborn daughter begin there in several weeks.  J.S., parent

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