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Cookie Monster Day Care, New Haven

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Louise Abate, Owner/Director
12 Daniel Dr.
New Haven, CT 06513
(203) 467-1749
Ages 6 weeks and up
Weekly fee includes all meals
M-F 7 am-5:30 pm, before and after school also available
CT State Licensed, CDA, CPR and First Aid

May 2013.  I was first introduced to Cookie Monster Daycare nine years ago when my sister returned to work and my nieces entered into Louise’s care. From the moment you meet Louise and her family, you are welcomed with open arms as if you have known them forever. You cannot find a more loving and caring environment outside your home for your children than Cookie Monster Daycare, that’s why when I returned to work, I knew there was no other place I could leave my children and not worry about them all day.

My son is hearing impaired, and Louise did anything that was asked of her while he was in her care, and I know his time with her contributed tremendously to the progress he has made with his speech and his learning skills. He is ending kindergarten and moving onto first grade on schedule, and I owe a lot of that to the wonderful foundation set for him while he attended Cookie Monster Daycare! She is always there to help, and my children still go there sometimes on days off from school or during vacation weeks and attend sleepovers at her house. The Abates, are a part of our family and we are so blessed to have them in our lives! I highly recommend Cookie Monster Daycare for any family looking for a loving and nurturing environment when they cannot be with their children and the piece of mind of knowing that Louise will provide that and so much more while your children are at Cookie Monster Daycare.  Joanne P., parent

April 2013.  I have sent all three of my children to Cookie Monster Day Care and am extremely happy I did.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I stressed about choosing a center vs. home-based day care with Louise. Ultimately, I loved my choice.  It is so comforting to know that your child is being cared for by the same person each day and that they will get consistent love and attention. It is an added bonus that Louise’s family are also a happy part of the childrens’ experience at Cookie Monster. Louise is excellent at teaching kindness and good manner while also helping children learn independence and more academic skills.  I strongly recommend Cookie Monster.  Kim R., parent

April 2013.  My son is 8 yrs old has been going to Louise’s home daycare since he was 4 months old. My son also has special needs. So much of his progress is because of Louise. I honestly can’t imagine what our lives would have been like without her.  Louise makes children feel at home. She can discipline with love and not negativity and will always follow through on a parent’s request and will not overstep any boundaries.  Children don’t just “go” to Cookie Monster Daycare, they learn so much from being there. I have watched Louise teach kids things like manners, eating habits, toilet training, walking, talking, socializing and getting along with each other…..I could go on all day. The list is endless. Kids look up to her because she sets a great example for them as well. All in all, Cookie Monster Daycare is a child’s home away from home.  Daniela P., parent

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