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Community Nursery School, Guilford

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262 Sachem Head Road  
Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 453-5500
ages 2-5
financial aid available

December 2012.   I had to choose a preschool prior to living in Guilford. I didn’t have any local friends to ask, so I did a LOT of “shopping”. The Community Nursery School in Guilford is where I chose. It has a lovely secluded location and only two small classes at a time. I was so impressed by the way the teachers spoke to the children. The school is a cooperative school, which should not turn you off. The biggest participation is being a parent helper  to the teacher. The parents (or grandparent or aunt or babysitter) take turns being a teachers aid. This amounts to, depending on class size, helping once every 4-6 weeks. Since we have now been attending the school for several months I can tell you that aiding is a wonderful experience! The “work” is nominal – it’s more about having fun with the kids. You will never get to have this level of classroom participation again! And if you have to switch days it is truly not an issue. This is not a rigid school. It is the perfect introduction to school for your little one. Our teacher has an amazingly gentle, yet just firm enough way about her that is truly envious. I am certainly learning skills from her. All the children adore her. I’ve already made connections with all the parents in such a short time. Since moving here, I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this school from others, including our pediatrician.  Valerie F., parent

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