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Read recent reviews: All Nations Christian Academy in New Haven, Alphabet Academy in Hamden, Hope Child Development Center in New Haven, Boulder Knoll Montessori School in Cheshire

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About us: schoolHaven is a resource created by parents and educators devoted to providing information about New Haven area schools.  Our motto is “getting the word out about great schools,” and we ask people to write about schools they are happy to recommend.  That doesn’t mean the reviews are uncritical, and if some reviews are negative, we think it’s important that parents get to hear that, too.  We screen reviews for appropriate language before posting them on schoolHaven, and ask that our reviewers write balanced and constructive reviews.  As a group of parent volunteers, we are in no position to fact-check the reviews, and moreover, we expect that parents’ experiences will differ.   If you have a different perspective to a review, please let us know, or write your own review by clicking here.

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Listings that appear on kidHaven are the opinions of kidHaven readers. They are not and should not be taken as a position of or endorsement by Kimberly Garley-Erb, founder of or any of the kidHaven site volunteers.  Please always use other sources in conjunction with kidHaven before making important decisions about your family, and always check references before hiring someone recommended on kidHaven.


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