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Eating out with kids

updated May 2013

Restaurants recommended by kidHaven parents (organized by city) 

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New Haven

Barcelona 155 Temple St, New Haven (“If you have to go “out” out — i.e. something more formal– Barcelona is a great option. They’re also extraordinary for accommodating food allergies. We had 4 allergens to work around, yet we’ve never once had a reaction”)

Caseus Cheese Truck New Haven  (“While Caseus itself can be difficult with the little ones, their cheese truck is a blast”)

Claire’s 1000 Chapel St, New Haven

Kumo Hibachi Steak House 7 Elm St #1, New Haven

Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale 501 Long Wharf Dr, New Haven (“very kid-friendly”)

Mamoun’s 85 Howe St, New Haven

Mezcal 14 Mechanic St, New Haven (“great to kids”)

Miya’s Sushi 68 Howe Street, New Haven

Modern Apizza 874 State St., New Haven

Moe’s Southwest Grill 46 Whitney Ave, New Haven

Prime 16 172 Temple Street, New Haven (“if you go early”)

Rudy’s 1227 Chapel St, New Haven

Sandra’s Next Generation 636 Congress Ave, New Haven

Shake Shack 986 Chapel St, New Haven

Thai Taste 1151 Chapel St, New Haven

Thali Too 65 Broadway, New Haven (“The staff at Thali Too has always been super nice to my kids.”)

Thali 4 Orange Street, New Haven (“My 3 yr old is a fan”)



SBC 850 W Main Street, Branford (“SBC – all three – has great kids meals and toys for the kids. It’s my son’s favorite restaurant!”)

East Haven

Sandpiper 161 Cosey Beach Avenue, East Haven


Shoreline Diner 345 Boston Post Rd, Guilford


Café Amici 1670 Whitney Ave, Hamden (“Excellent food, great service and kid friendly….we usually go by 6:00”)

Cumin India 262 Skiff St, Hamden (“The staff at Cumin India are very nice when my children leave a mess.  The lunch buffet is terrific for children with a short attention span.”)

Eli’s on Whitney 2392 Whitney Ave, Hamden (“They are great with kids”; “Our favorite family restaurant”)

The Playwright 1232 Whitney Av, Hamden (“Playwright is great with kids!”)

Le Petit Gourmet 1231 Whitney Ave, Hamden  “Le Petit Gourmet is just for breakfast/lunch, and [has] very limited seating, but I think people also use the front tables of Books & Co (adjacent through inside door) for additional seating.”

Sono Bana 1206 Dixwell Ave, Hamden

Sushi Palace 1473 Dixwell Ave, Hamden (“The all you can eat menu is a great way to get preschoolers trying new dishes.”)

Jake’s Wayback Burgers 2380 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden


SBC 33 New Haven Avenue, Milford (“SBC – all three – has great kids meals and toys for the kids. It’s my son’s favorite restaurant!”)

The Corner 105 River Street, Milford

Café Atlantique 33 River St, Milford

North Haven

Olde World Apizza 1957 Whitney Ave, North Haven (“Kids can watch the pizza being made through a special window.”)

West Haven

Saray 770 Campbell Ave, West Haven

Turkish Kebab House 1157 Campbell Ave, West Haven (“The wait staff are really nice with kids here.”

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