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updated June 2013

 – adapted from Best of kidHaven Readers Poll 2011 and the kidHaven listserv-

Choosing childcare, schools and doctors are very personal decisions for families that take many factors into account which differ from family to family.  Listings that appear on kidHaven are the opinions of kidHaven readers. They are not and should not be taken as a position of or endorsement by Kimberly Garley-Erb, founder of or any of the kidHaven site volunteers.

Please always use other sources in conjunction with kidHaven before making important decisions about your family, and always check references before hiring someone recommended on kidHaven.


New Haven

Ansonia Dr. Gerald Germano

Branford Branford Pediatrics & Allergy

Cheshire Pediatric & Medical Associates

East Haven East Haven Pediatrics

Guilford Guilford Pediatrics

Hamden Dr. Craig Summers at Children’s Medical Group, Hamden Pediatrics, Dr. Cynthia Mann and Dr. Anderson at Whitney Pediatrics, Dr. Amanda Levitt, N.D. at Whole Health

Milford Milford Pediatric Group, Preferred Pediatrics

North Haven Complete Pediatrics, Dr. Cohen at Pediatrics Plus

Orange Dr. Joseph Zelson at Orange Pediatrics

Westport Bay Street Pediatrics

Woodbridge Dr. Singer at Child & Adolescent Health Care, Dr. Sydney Speisel


see kidHaven parent comments below

December 2012. Pediatric and Medical Associates: They are wonderful. A very strong team of pediatricians with hours 7 days a week. In emergencies, run of the mill stuff, and other, they have been consistently fantastic and caring.  Amy W.

I am a pediatrician and I take my kids to  Pediatric and Medical Associates, they have offices in New Haven and Cheshire. Megan.

Whitney Pediatrics is amazing! They took great care of my siblings and I. They have been so great to my 3 little ones as well! I would never go elsewhere. There are supportive and so sweet! Rentana S.B.

My kids go to Whitney Pediatrics as well.  I’ve liked them, you never wait long and they’re responsive when you call. Shannon M.

Orange Pediatrics is amazing.  You dont have to wait on hold forever or wait for a nurse to call you back.  You talk to someone immediately and they have fantastic advice on everything, not just medical issues. Julie M.

Love Tamiko Jackson McArthur. Across the street from St Rae’s. 1423 chapel. She also has an office in Orange and one other, Southbury, I think. She’s not alarmist, a mom & very easy to relate to. Soo not condescending. All very chill. Her PA and LPN & office staff are all great too.  They’re pretty much always running a little late, but that’s because they spend extra time when you need it.  Michelle M.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Craig Summers at the Children’s Medical Group in Hamden.  The office staff is incredibly friendly yet professional, their hours are flexible and work well with a busy schedule, and they are extremely responsive in emergencies.  Worth the short ride from New Haven.  Kimberly J.

We LOVE Child & Adolescent Health (offices on Whitney Ave in New Haven and in Woodbridge just off 15). Our MD is Dr. Carol Dorfman, but we’ve seen all the docs for various visits and on-call and they are all great. Diane P.

Sadly, I have to respectfully but adamantly, disagree with the review of Children’s Medical Group and specifically Dr. Craig Summers.  We were with Children’s Medical Group but left because we felt continually dissatisfied. Although their hours were very convenient, they were VERY conservative when it came to treating any discomfort…we always felt like going there was a waste of time. The main reason we left the practice was they completely missed my son’s autism diagnosis, even after I repeatedly brought up concerns (repetitive behavior and lack of speech development) and scheduled an extra appointment to discuss developmental concerns. In fact, at that appointment we saw Dr. Craig Summers and he looked at me in confusion and said, “why are you here?? Look at him, he’s fine”.   They could have at least told me to call Birth2three or sign up for a Yale study to get a free eval.  After several months when we got a diagnosis, they never really gave us any resources or pointed us in the right direction for where to go for support/services/etc.

We now see Dr. Avni-Singer at Child and Adolescent Health (offices in New Haven and Woodbridge) and couldn’t be happier. He is what a pediatrician *should* be like.  They ask the right questions, are very through, value parental feedback and care about the family as a whole – not just the kids.  L.K.

Dr. Serlin at Yale Health Plan has been terrific. She is open minded and comprehensive. Also Very easy to schedule, great communication, and wonderful interaction. Andy Q.

Whitney Pediatrics, Dr. Cynthia Mann is my pediatrician, but the entire practice is phenomenal. Good luck. C.D.

Whitney Pediatrics have literally been a lifesaver for us since Dec. 2001.  Dr. Mann gave me a list of questions to ask my son’s school when he was in Kindergarten because of inconsistent reports. I wrote down the answers & reviewed them w/ her to decide on next steps. They have never made me feel that I was taking up too much of their time.

As a Mom of 2 special needs kids, I have received call backs within 15 minutes at 2am, 4am, weekends etc.  When my daughter needed follow-up after coming out of the hospital on a Saturday, she was seen Sunday morning before noon.  They have 7-day coverage but weekends 9am-12noon for specialized cases. On-call 24/7 that is pleasant and kind even when you are almost incoherent in what you are saying to the doctor.  No grumpiness even at 3am.

The practice expanded and updated treatment rooms as well as space for records.  I can call up to get shot record etc. with no issues. I called recently to schedule a physical and the front desk mentioned seeing my kids in the news. Dr. Mann has surprised me with a newspaper picture of my daughter I missed; all kept neatly in the file.

At the hospital, faces always light up when I say Whitney Pediatrics. Meg.

I love all this talk about Cynthia Mann.  She was the pediatrician for my kids who are now 36 and 39.  As one who has been around for a long time, I recommend experience.  Cynthia was good then and I am sure that she is now.  Alida E.

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