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Philadelphia Freedom

Written by Aviva Luria


Jonah and I want to move to Philadelphia. I’m not sure how long this will last, but we just returned from a four-day trip, just the two of us, and—despite some (inevitable?) challenges—had a pretty great time.

Wow. The Please Touch Museum, an incredible and imaginative kids’ museum. Its Alice in Wonderland section had a shrinking hallway and flamingos for hitting balls through playing-card-soldier arches. A grocery store with little shopping carts, goods you can fill them with, and cash registers where you can pretend to pay for them or play cashier. (And a kitchen with cabinets and fridges to stock.) Read more

Really, I Can Ride with Kids?

Written by Sara from Kidical Mass New Haven

courtesy of

Family Biking Tidbits from One Family Bike Commuter

1. Find a bicycling friend.  When figuring out your family riding, go ahead and reach out to another bicyclist.  Perhaps you two can go for a ride together before adding the kids.  Maybe this bikey friend can help you plan a good route to get to the library that doesn’t take you on streets too busy with auto traffic.  Ask to try out another’s cargo bike.  Ride together to camp or school drop-off.  Even if you cannot find a cyclist right down the street, go ahead and reach out to others via the web.  When we first started family bike commuting, the folks we met through the Internet were invaluable.   We asked their advice and looked to them for inspiration.  It helps to see what others are doing and sometimes their example makes you stop and think, “Hey, maybe we could do that, too.”  We have found fellow bike folks, both local and virtual, to be extremely generous and open to our many questions. Read more