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April Purple Crayon Award

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our bumper crop of 16 school reviews last month.  Congratulations to J. Miranda, this month’s Purple Crayon Award Winner for  her review of the Bethany Nursery Group in Bethany.  

Thanks to the kind folks at Elm City Market, J. Miranda gets a $50 gift card in thanks for her hard work.  Read her review below, and click here to write your own review to be next month’s winner!

– Mira and the schoolHaven committee

April 2013.  Upon many recommendations from friends, I visited Bethany Nursery Group to explore as a pre school option for my children.  The minute I walked in, I knew this was the warm, friendly, nurturing environment I was looking for. The programming is excellent. The children are able to explore and discover so many different things.  I am surprised at how much knowledge they have gained after two years.  Being part of a co-op provides a great sense of community.  Parents involvement is great and rewarding. The staff have longevity at BNG, and treat the children with respect.  A true gem. J. Miranda, parent

December Purple Crayon Award

We got so many really good reviews this month that rather than twisting ourselves in circles trying to pick a best one, we drew the winner from a hat!  Congratulations to Alida Engel for her review of Creating Kids at the Connecticut Children’s Museum in New Haven.  You can see other excellent December reviews here.

Thanks to the kind folks at Elm City Market, Alida gets a $50 gift card.  Read her review below.

– Mira and the schoolHaven committee

December 2012.  After hearing my granddaughter’s enthusiastic stories today about her activities at Creating Kids I was reminded that wonderful things happen there.  She is happy at Creating Kids and is learning a lot.

Recently we read a book about bears and she informed me that a bear is nocturnal and so are…….and she named at least five other animals.  “Where did you learn that?” I ask,  “From Philly, silly” (her daycare teacher at Creating Kids).  “We had nocturnal week.”

This morning she came over with a book that her teachers at Creating Kids put together recording all the wonderful themed weeks they had so far.  The one she liked best was, Bat week.  “Guess what we had for bat food?”  “Little chocolate chips, that we gathered like this.”  And off she went scurrying on the floor pretending to eat them.  Sounds creative to me.   Thanks Creating Kids.

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