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Pumpkins on the Pier in Milford

Green Your Halloween: 3 Simple Ways

written by Green Mama

Not bad, right? (Okay, my mom drew it.)

Here are a few simple ways of Greening Halloween (without losing any of the fun of my favorite holiday). Not challenging enough? How will you green your holiday?

MAKE your costumes and decorations.

Have you always meant to do this? Then this is your year. You have 30 days. Ready . . . GO!

  • Get inspired to by’s Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes. There are lots more ideas online; see below. Your kids are not as likely to take issue with your craftsmanship as you might think (especially if you run with the infant and toddler set).
chambered tissue paper pumpkins with felt stems and leaves

Pumpkins ca. 1979; hand-made felt stems and leaf added last year

  • Engage kids over the next month by having them draw or trace pumpkins, black cats, goblins, etc. and the letters in “Halloween” on the back of once-used printer paper or on cardboard from cereal boxes. (Younger kids can color in what you draw or trace.) They can also jazz up any old decorations by drawing in or gluing on new details like masks, hats, or scary grins.
  • If making something for your child to wear this year is really too tough, buy second hand. Once Upon a Child in Hamden and Milford both say they still have a nice selection of costumes, for now .  . .

REUSE your materials.

skeleton decoration

Really, really old.

Today I pulled out my Halloween decorations, some of which are at least 30 years old. Many seem to be on their last legs, but you could have said that about them five or ten years ago. A little tape and we’re good to go. Plus, if the skeleton’s leg is falling off, doesn’t that just make it scarier? Read more