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Posts from the ‘Birthdays’ Category

Homemade Bike Festival

Written by Chicargobike

photo courtesy of Chicargobike

Our middle guy is starting to talk about his upcoming birthday party – “upcoming” meaning, we’ve still got some time to plan.  Lots of time, in fact.  In the meantime, it makes us think about what we did last year: a make it ourselves Bike Festival.

Our party had three parts: bike decorating, a freewheeling parade, and cake time. Read more

Treats, not just a treat anymore

Written by Amanda Levitt, ND

Why is everyone compelled to give children junk food at every event?

Math night: colored popsicles, Choir: Processed ice cream and a bag of candy, religious school: ice cream with every imaginable topping.  It is ubiquitous! Even when I take my kids on a bike ride to a local park to see tadpoles and hike around, the well intentioned ranger offers a lollipop.  What is this need to ply our children with junk food at every possible opportunity?  Isn’t the experience reward enough? The last straw for me is when a group of parents wanted to buy a cotton candy machine for our school.  Once a year at Art Night (which is a fabulous, enriching event at our elementary school) the school rents a cotton candy machine.  Don’t ask me how this became a traditional or what in the world relates this junk with art…but ok, once a year, we can choose whether or not to partake.  Buying a machine is another matter. Besides issues of storage and cleaning, I can predict that at each and every school event, that machine would be rolled out so we would get our money’s worth!   Aren’t we supposed to be advocating for our children?  Read more