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Watching Baseball with My Dad

Written by Steve Rosenberg

Connecticut does not have a major league baseball team.  Half the state roots for the Boston Red Sox, and the other half roots for the New York Yankees.  Another, unquantifiable portion roots for the New York Mets, although most won’t admit it in public.  I am a Mets fan, by inheritance if not by choice.  My father started following the Mets during their inaugural (and awful) 1962 season, and I started joining him 20 years later when they were not quite as bad.

My best childhood memories were formed at Shea Stadium, a cavernous and poorly designed ballpark which was eventually demolished in 2009 when the Mets found something better.  As a kid, I could not imagine anything greater than watching live baseball.  I did not realize that, for my father, it was so much more than that.  It was watching live baseball with his son.  I get that now, as I try to teach the rudiments of the game to my seven year old.

dwight_gooden_autographOut of all the ballgames I watched with my Dad, the one that stands out is a night game from June of 1985, when we saw Dwight Gooden shutout the Chicago Cubs.  Read more

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