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Introducing kH’s newest resource – greenHaven

I can’t tell you how perfect it was when, a while back, a local green mama shyly wondered if there might a place for some green ideas on kidHaven.  I didn’t have to think twice.  And can I just tell you what an amazing job she’s done putting together another (awesome!) resource here on kidHaven.  Uh-Maze-Ing.

kidHaven friends, please help me welcome Green Mama as the newest (amazing!) addition to kidHaven!  Comments, applause, ideas – bring it all on :)   ~kim

Let’s just jump right in. . . . What is greenHaven?

The new greenHaven section of kidHaven is a resource for any parent in our area trying to raise children with green living and sustainability in mind. We expect that our readers will range the gamut from folks just getting interested in the topic to veteran green parents looking for additional information or inspiration. We’ll cover everything from local information on alternative energy and recycling to where to buy natural foods and gently used clothing for your families.

As it stands, greenHaven is composed of a lot of lists (and you know I love lists). Was this your intention?

Absolutely. There is a great deal of information already available online about green living and we see no reason to re-invent the wheel. While greenHaven will be contributing to kidHaven posts and calendars, our main focus right now is pulling together the best and most relevant local information so that it’s all in one place — easy to find, view, and use. Plus, we’ll share some of our favorite web resources — those useful for green parenting in any area.

Where did the idea for greenHaven come from?

Recently, I was preparing to lead a green parenting workshop for a parents group. As I collected information and resources to share with participants, I thought about how useful it would be to put the information on the group’s website. That idea led me to thinking about kidHaven and reaching even more parents. 

How did you first get interested in green living and green parenting?

Before I had my son, I became involved with a sustainability group at a local university where I worked. I learned that there were so many easy changes I could make at work and at home to live a little greener. I also found that many of my colleagues wanted to learn about sustainability as well, and I enjoyed becoming a bit of a point person for my department.

After my son was born, I had a whole new set of challenges. I also had a lot of questions (reusable vs. disposable diapers? organic vs. commercial produce? walking to playgroup vs. arriving before it ends?). I set out to learn and to become the best green parent that I could, even with limited time, personal energy, and budget.

Just how green are you? Are you Super Green Mama? Should I be intimidated?

I want to stress is that I am NO EXPERT with this stuff. I am a student of green parenting, learning all the time, and taking baby steps along the way. I am always excited to find new and useful information, resources, tips, and tricks, and I am especially happy to share them with others. Finding a community of interested parents is helping to keep me on my game: I stay focused on my goal of doing a little better each day and of raising a child who will take for granted the many green habits I have worked so hard to ingrain in myself. Each of us is only one, but if we are making changes for a lifetime and raising the next generation at the same time, then even our small changes can have a significant impact. Don’t forget that your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family are paying attention to your efforts, too!

Have ideas or questions for Green Mama?  Contact her by email at:

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  1. Green Mamas Unite! Love the idea. Let’s make this a happy and healthy (and green!) new year! :) Look forward to seeing those lists, and happy to add to em too!

    January 2, 2012

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