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Summer Camp Reviews, please

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A long-time kidHaven reader recently asked if I could whip up a little something to get folks talking about their children’s Summer Camp experiences.  Says she’s been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about some of the popular camps around the area.  And I agree.  I hear a lot about a handful of Camps when talking to other parents – Common Ground, Schooner, Eli Whitney and The Y.  These camps ALWAYS come up in conversation.  What are your experiences this year at any of these camps?  But what about other camps in the area – Creative Arts Workshop, Alphabet Academy, Peabody, Audubon Society, Parks & Rec, to name a few.  I know there are a TON of other camps out there, too, what about those ones?

People tell me all the time that they are sooo grateful to hear what other parents have to say when they pose a question here on kidHaven.  It does seem like a pretty awesome idea to collect some of your thoughts about Summer Camps now, while it’s fresh in your mind.

I know what you’re thinking, who has the time to sit down and write a long, beautiful, thoughtful review about What Your Kid Did This Summer?!  So keep it short and simple if you have to.  No worries.  What’s important is your honest feedback.  Doesn’t have to be an essay (but it could be!).  It isn’t going to be graded either way :)  Shucks.  Make it easy on yourself.  Open your computer, go to this page, pose the questions to your child, “What did you like about (blank) Summer Camp?  What didn’t you like?”  Type their answers then and there, fill out the rest of the form and done.  Actually, I think it would be fruitful to include some of our kid’s thoughts among these reviews.

Here are some basics to be sure to include in a Camp Review:

  • Name of the Camp
  • Age of your Camper(s)
  • A few sentences (or more) with some honest feedback – good, mixed, not so good.
  • Specify child-written reviews otherwise it will be assumed your review is parent-written.
  • Note: Your first name will appear below your review unless otherwise requested.

Send me some feedback about Summer Camp in whatever way is easiest for you:

Endless thanks for sharing your thoughts!  ~kim


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  1. Hamden Hall
    Ages of campers: 5, 7, 8
    Convenient and fun daycamp. Hamden Hall on Skiff Street has a beautiful facility that includes fields, indoor pool, gymnasium, tennis courts, and playground.
    The hours of 9-3:30 are great for working parents, and there is also an early and extended day option. (each one hour)

    Exposure to sports, field games
    Indoor pool, so decreases sun exposure (swimming twice a day)
    Access to indoor space for rainy days, and nice and cool for eating lunch
    Fun field trips each week including hike to sleeping giant, canoe on Lake Wintergreen, Horse Farm, Eli Whitney, Lighthouse Beach
    Arts and crafts

    good ratio, but large groups- other camps we have attended had smaller bunks of 10 or so kids. These groups are large with about 30 kids. Plenty of staff, though some are young.
    Boys and girls together in group (which may also be a pro) but if your girls are not very aggressive in sports, it can be a little intimidating.
    I thought swim lessons would be daily, but it seems instructional only a few times a week. They do swim twice a day, which is great!

    Overall, my children all came home happy each day. My youngest learned how to swim without a bubble (which was my main goal for the summer!)
    They also give a discount for siblings (half off the second, third sibling..which is a huge cost savings!)

    They also have sports camps. We did not try these yet. There is also a combo option which is half day academics and half day camp. This may be a good option for kids who need a little catching up on academics for the summer.

    August 1, 2011

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