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Every year with the arrival of summer, we welcome long sunny days, beach time fun, and the long awaited return of backyard barbeques and family gatherings. For us parents, we also welcome the never-ending stream of invitations to children’s birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations and christenings. Of course, we love to celebrate children and their milestones. We just can’t seem to find the right answer to that age old question… “What gift should I get them?”

Enter, a new website and free service allowing parents and kids to create a wish list that can be shared with family and friends… It’s an easy activity for parents and kids to do together.  Simply add items to your child’s wish list, like toys, clothes, or books and share with your family and friends. It’s really that easy. Since is an independent website, you can list ideas from different stores and websites. You can even go beyond traditional gift ideas and request bigger ticket items like a swing set or a computer. Friends and family can then make any-size monetary contribution towards that gift through paypal (think group gift giving without the hassle of coordinating or collecting money). With, you can “wish for” memberships to museums, zoos, aquariums, summer camp or even list a request for a charitable donation to a worthy cause.

Just imagine… you create a wish list on Your family and friends are relieved to have great gift ideas at their fingertips (as you can easily share lists through email or Facebook). Your child receives gifts from his or her wish list. There are no duplicates or unwanted toys. You save time running from store-to-store making returns (phew!).  After all, was created by a mom who understands the true value of time well-spent.  So for all you moms and dads out there, try and take the guess work out of gift giving. was created by mom, Jeannette Farah, with the hope of simplifying gift-giving for parents, kids, and their families and friends. Jeannette, a native of Switzerland and a self-proclaimed true “Swiss Miss”, lives in Hamden Connecticut with her husband and two children. The idea for came to her while she was up late one night caring for her newborn son. Two years later, is launched, providing a free and easy way to take the guesswork out of gift-giving. Kids wish it. You list it.

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