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Chit Chatting with Keri Beckwith English, author & illustrator

Don’t you love it when you meet someone and you just click from the get go?  Well, I do.  As a matter of fact, I feel most alive when I’m surrounded by people that inspire me.  Keri is the kind of gal that is full of inspiring surprises.  I swear, every time I talk with her I find out about another one of her hidden talents!  Most recently, I discovered she’d been secretly writing a children’s book over the Winter and now is a published author.  You go girl!  Here is the latest ‘Chit Chat’ on kidHaven with a very cool momma that I’m also lucky to call a friend!

You just became a published author – so exciting (and congratulations)! Tell us first about your inspiration for writing a children’s book?

Thank you! My two children were truly my inspiration.  I am always trying to reassure them that my love for them is greater than anything.  It then somehow became a story and then I added illustrations. There are hidden meanings throughout More than Chocolate that only they will ever really understand.  For instance, the clock on the cover is set to the time my daughter was born. How about that for reassurance?

Ok, before I get ahead of myself, tell us a little about you, le authoress.

keri_reading_more_than_chocolateI am a mom of two.  I have been home raising them for the past five years.  Prior to that I was a designer.  I had a childrens clothing line and worked as a graphic designer for a decade after art school. In addition to having interest in the arts, I live for travel, music and consider myself somewhat of an environmentalist.

I know you won’t give away the good parts, but tell us about your book, More Than Chocolate.

More than Chocolate is about a little girl whose mom loves chocolate more than just about anything. One day the little girl decides to put her mom to the test. “Is her love for chocolate greater than her love for the little girl?” We all can predict the answer, but not the sweet ending.

So where can we find this delicious book of yours…in stores? online?

more_than_chocolate_bookIt is available through and through my website, The advantage of ordering More than Chocolate directly through my website is that I can autograph it for you!

Sooo, is there a “next” book already in the works?
Yep, there sure is! More than Chocolate targets a feminine audience and my next will be geared more towards boys.
I heart children’s literature and I have to ask, who are your and your children’s favorite authors?

Well, I surely hope that my kids would now say, “Our Mom!”,  but David Shannon and Eric Carle are a sure way to lure them into their bedrooms at night.

Ok, last question. And I’m not letting you off easy. Besides your own book :) , what one book do you think is a must-read for all children?

I would have answered this question with the same answer consistantly for 36 years (my whole life to date). There was nothing more comforting as a child than having “goodnight noises everywhere” be the last line to the last book that was read to me before bed every night. “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown, Pictures by Clement Hurd is a classic that I continue to read to my children, ending their day with the same three words before bed every night.

To meet the author at a nearby book signing or to schedule a read aloud,

visit Keri online or on Facebook for details!

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  1. Sandy #

    Great interview with Keri! She wrote and illustrated an awesome book! Congratulations Keri.

    July 21, 2010

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